Semi-permanent brow treatments  include Microblading, Combination brows, Ombre & Powder brows. A style to suit everyone.

Our artistic flare allows us to create the most beautiful soft ombre work and beautiful crisp hairs strokes. Your bone structure holds part of the secret of your ‘perfect’ beginnings, arches and curves. 

A woman with Microblading


We can create balance enhancing the symmetry of your brows based on your natural bone structure.


Using pixels or strokes we can create textural dimension.                                           

Shape Enhancing

We enhance arches, tails and any other areas that are thinning or just have naturally less hair visible to create the perfect brow shape. 


We expertly blend the finest pigments to create the truest shade for your natural brow hair and perfect healed colour.     

Young woman during professional eyebrow mapping procedure before permanent makeup.jpg
Young woman during professional eyebrow mapping procedure before permanent makeup.jpg

What makes us special?

  • Passionate & dedicated to giving you the very best experience

  • Professional and friendly clinic in a private setting

  • In-depth Consultations

  • We are driven by natural healed results

  • Bespoke brow designing service

  • Free post care 

  • Skin Tone Assessment

  • Licensed & Certified 

Microblading eyebrows, getting facial care and tattoo at beauty salon.jpg

Who are our services for?

  • Sparse Brows 

  • Uneven Brows 

  • Over plucked Brows 

  • Loss of hair due to illness 

  • Thinning Brows 


If you don’t fall into any of the above perhaps you just don’t want to pencil them in everyday? That’s fine too.

Benefits of semi-permanent makeup:

  • Defining existing colour & shape

  • Enhancing & flattering existing shape

  • Waterproof & smudge proof makeup

  • Natural Healed results 

  • Provides a youthful lifted appearance 


  • In-depth consultation & medical history forms 

  • Skin type assessment

  • Discussion about our services, including the most suitable options for you 

  • Pre-care advice discussed 

  • Pre-mapping service of existing brows

  • Patch testing carried out (48hrs prior to appointments)

  • What to expect during healing

Our in-depth consultation & medical history forms allow us to determine any safe measures or considerations that may need to be made prior to treatment if you are taking certain medications.

We discuss pigment colour selections during your consultation. As well as how to care for your brows before and after your treatment. 

You'll even get to have your brows pre-mapped to give you an idea of the most flattering shape for your bone structure and features. 

Then your ready to book your treatment.

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We are now offering a free Clinic once a month for Areola & nipple tattooing. Please contact Katrina if you wish to receive more details about out Free clinic and how to be added to our waiting list. 

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Li-ft PMU


Li-Ft Removal 

Ink Removal. For all enquires please contact us with photos. Click the link below

If you are enquiring about correction work please submit a photo of your brows before you attend your consultation.