LVL stands for lash, volume, lift. If you are looking to enhance your lashes without opting for extensions, this is the perfect treatment for you.  Offering stunning results, even on short lashes. The added length and volume creates a real open eye effect for up to 6 weeks. This is an excellent low maintenance option. 


You can wear mascara after an LVL treatment, but we recommend that you wait for 48 hrs to ensure the treatment has fully set. 


We also offer products that will maintain the health of your lashes between treatments. Please ask about our serums at your appointment.


If you’ve never had a lash treatment and you are unsure about what is best for you, book a consultation and let us discuss the options with you.  

Manderville Aesthetics offer bespoke eyelash extensions to suit you. technique involves the placement of a lash that is secured on top of your natural lash.

This treatment uses different lengths, curl grades and weights to create a bespoke, customisable set of lashes for you. The technique involves the placement of a single lash that is secured to an natural lash that has been isolated. 

The recommend top up period is between 2-3 weeks in order to maintain your semi-permanent lashes. 

Do not get your lash extensions wet for 24 hrs. 

Do not use a sauna or steam room for at least 48 hrs.

Mascara can be worn with your lash extensions; however, it can interfere with the lash longevity and we recommend avoiding. 

Do not pull or twist lashes extensions as this will result in damage.

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