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Mapping string

Microblading Products by Manderville Aesthetics for Artists & Technicians 

Benefits of stocking with Manderville Aesthetics 

We  specialise in semi-permanent brows and therefore we also use our own premium Microblading tools from measuring aids to Microblades.  Our signature microblades are ultra fine for creating beautifully crisp, accurate hair strokes. Each Microblade comes in its own  sterile blister pack which contains details of expiry, sterilisation method and indicator and LOT number. We believe that disposable handtools ensure the safest treatments and therefore are a necessity for any technician who is unwilling to compromise the safety of their clients. 

  • Safety - Sterilised using EO gas

  • Ultra fine Microblades mean no dragging and less trauma to the skin. 

  • Accurate measuring equipment for confidence when pre-mapping and drawing the brows.

  • We offer a range of Microblading sets from practise bundles to treatment packs. Please contact us if you wish to discuss your requirements.

  • For professional use only | Please only use these products if you are qualified to do so. 

Mapping string by Manderville Aesthetics
Manderville Aesthetics measuring caliper
Microblading products by Manderville Aesthetics

Microblade Kit

Manderville Aesthetics Microblading kit
Microblading kit

Are you a new or advanced brow technician? We use the sharpest, EO sterilised, disposable microblading tools. 12C and 18U are our signature blade sizes. Our mapping string and calipers are the perfect tools to ensure balance and symmetry can be achieved when designing brows.   You can purchase these products from Amazon. To check out our products go to our products page.