Ombre & Powder Brows

The process involves using a rotary machine to implant colour into the skin in a layering technique. The treatment can be adapted to create both defined and soft brows.

Ombre and Powder brows can last around 18 & 24 months before needing a to be redone.  A touch up to keep them looking fresh and to maintain a beautiful colour is recommended but must be complete before 24months otherwise it will be considered a new treatment.


Save time and effort trying to get your brows even everyday with makeup. This treatment is great for those who are sparse in natural brow hair already. 

Create definition 

Fill bald spots and gaps 

Build Depth 

Add dimension

Even out brow 


It is a useful treatment to create a more balanced appearance and offers stunning results for all most all skin types.

An Ombre style offers a gradient appearance from dark to light starting at the tail and bottom of the brow, lightening towards to top (bulb). Some clients will aim for a more pixelated appearance and this look can be achieved with a slower method of application. 

Powder brow style offers a fuller, more dramatic look for those wanting to achieve a full, structured brow. This style is suited to someone who wants to achieve a more symmetrical appearance and also enhance the arches or tails of the brow area. 

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We offer free, no obligation consultations prior to semi-permanent treatments. We appreciate that the decision to invest in semi-permanent makeup can be one you need to take your time over. 


We would love to guide you and offer you all the information you require to be able to make a good, informed decision.


Research, education and knowledge are all important. We would love to answer any questions you may have.  

A £10 holding fee is required and this is deducted from any treatment you have within 12 months. 

Soft Powder Brows
Before photo of Brows

Pre-care advise for semi-permanent brow treatments 

It is very important that you follow pre-care and post-care instructions when your having any semi-permanent treatments. 

24hrs prior to treatment, stop use of



Heavy exercise 

Aspirin/ Ibuprofen 


Avoid powder shakes and powder greens

(treatment may be refused or rescheduled if pre- care guidelines are not adhered too).

7 days prior to treatment, stop use of:

Vitamin E oil 

Cod-liver oil / Fish oil

Skin and hair supplements 

14 days prior to treatment, stop use of:

Anything containing acids - [exfoliating]

Please check your cleansers, moisturisers and serums. If you are unsure of the ingredients in your skincare please check the labels. 

4 weeks prior to treatment, stop use of:

Retinols / Retinoids / Retin-A

Chemical Peels 

Discontinue Glycolics

Brow growth serum - Especially those containing latisse 

Skin peels 





Accutane should be stopped for 12 months prior to all semi-permanent makeup treatments due to sensitivity of the skin surface.

Failure to follow the pre-care advise will affect the healed results.

Contra-indicated to semi-permanent treatments

Any one who is currently Pregnant

Any one who is currently Breast Feeding 

Anyone who is currently undergoing chemotherapy / radiotherapy

All other contraindications will be discussed at your consultation and a medical history form will be completed.

Were required, we may need a signed consent from your consultant or doctor. 

Do not discontinue any medications before consulting your doctor.

If you have recently had your Covid-19 vaccination please be aware that 21 days is recommend to wait before booking your treatment. 

Powder Brows Cheltenham
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