Ombre & Powder Brows

Ombre and powder brows are used to create that pencilled or make up look. Using a specialist machine, we put pigment into the skin and shade the brow to create the beautiful brows you want. 


Ombre and Powder brows can last up to 3 years before needing a touch up. It is the perfect treatment if you want to save time creating your perfect brows each day. The technique is very versatile, it can be used to create a whole brow, fill in sparse or balding brows, or can be used to extend the height or length of the brow. When filling in an existing brow, we match the colour to your original brows. 


It is a useful treatment to create a more symmetrical appearance and offers stunning results for all most all skin types.


Types of semi-permanent brows

An Ombre style offers a gradient appearance from dark to light starting at the tail and bottom of the brow, lightening towards to top (bulb). Some clients will aim for a more pixelated appearance and this look can be achieved with a slower method of application. 

Powder brow style offers a fuller, more dramatic look for those wanting to achieve a full, structured brow. This style is suited to someone who wants to achieve a more symmetrical appearance and also enhance the arches or tails of the brow area. 

We offer free, no obligation consultations prior to semi-permanent treatments. We appreciate that the decision to invest in semi-permanent makeup can be one you need to take your time over.


We would love to guide you and offer you all the information you require to be able to make a good, informed decision.


Research, education and knowledge are all important. We would love to answer any questions you may have.