Before you decide to go ahead with any of our permanent brow treatments you will be asked to attend a free complimentary consultation. During your appointment we will discuss your skin type and medical history to ensure that the perfect treatment is decided upon before we book in your initial treatment. 

Please be aware, If you are receiving treatments or medication for an ongoing health condition you may be asked to seek advice from your GP or even obtain a medical note. We are required to keep any forms and record cards for our records. Your skin may be assessed under a magnifying lamp.



Once you have had your consultation we will give you a patch test to ensure you are not allergic to the pigments that we use for which ever treatment you have decided to have. The patch test must be carried out at least 48hours prior to your actual treatment appointment. ​


We do not use pre numbing before the first pass during this procedure. Microblading pigment works best straight onto cleansed and prepared skin. Please do contact us to discuss numbing before the first pass if you are at all worried or if you would like to discuss further. 



A discussion of your brow goals and what you are hoping to achieve will take place again before we move on to design. It is very important to be realistic in your expectations. We will discuss Desired colour, length, thickness and overall shape. Our procedures are supposed to enhance your looks and we will advise you on colours and shapes to suit you if you are unsure or unclear. 

Initial mapping and bone structure analysis involves using up to 3 different forms of measuring tools. The use of a stick on ruler will assist in the accuracy of over all length and central mapping points.  Mapping sting and measuring callipers will be used to ensure the symmetry and correct measurements of all 4 areas of the brows. Bulb, arch, tail and height of actual brow.

Brows will be designed laying down flat initially and then checked sitting up. They will be measured and accessed in the up right position. You will be asked to make a number of facial expressions to ensure that the brow movement is how it should be. 

Depending on the amount of hair will depend if the initial stroke placement will be applied to the brow before the 1st pass. Otherwise dots using a surgical marker will be applied to the skin to ensure the outline is clear throughout the full procedure. 



The procedure will last approximately 2.5 Hrs 

The first pass it referred to as the initial implantation of the initial pigment to create natural looking replica hair strokes through out the Brow. This process is then completed on each brows before going over initial strokes with a second pass. Numbing is applied once the first pass has been completed. We are aiming to implant pigment into the basal layer of the epidermis. The reason behind the pigment been implanted here is down the biology of the skin cells. The skin cells of the basal layer continuously divide, the pigment can therefore be broken down, causing it to eventually migrate towards the surface causing the pigment to fade away over a period of time. 


Please refer to instructions carefully to ensure the best results and healing. You will receive a free treatment pack containing cream, swabs and advise sheet. Once the first treatment has been achieved you will then be advised on aftercare and important considerations in order to encourage retention of pigment. The healing process and what to expect at various stages of healing will be discussed after your treatment and you will be given an advice sheet that must be followed strictly. This is imperative to the outcome of both appointments. The aftercare is as important as all other consideration before and during treatment. Please ensure you follow them correctly.