Consultation Process 1

​Before you decide to go ahead with any of our permanent brow treatments you will be asked to attend a free complimentary consultation. During your appointment we will discuss your skin type and medical history to ensure that the perfect treatment is decided upon before we book in your initial treatment. 

Please be aware, If you are receiving treatments or medication for an ongoing health condition you may be asked to seek advice from your GP or even obtain a medical note. We are required to keep any forms and record cards for our records.​

Patch test will be completed.

Eyebrow Treatment

1st Appointment 

  • We discuss your brow goals and what you are hoping to achieve

  • We move on to design. Our Initial mapping is based on your bone structure. It is very important to be realistic in your expectations. We will discuss colour, length, thickness and overall shape.

  • Mapping sting and measuring callipers will be used to ensure the symmetry and correct measurements of all 4 areas of the brows. Bulb, arch, tail and height of actual brow.

  • Our procedures are supposed to enhance your looks and we will advise you on colours and shapes to suit you if you are unsure.

  • Procedure will last between 2 and 3 hours 

  • Photos 


We implant pigment into the basal layer of the epidermis. The skin cells of the basal layer continuously divide, the pigment can therefore be broken down, causing it to eventually migrate towards the surface causing the pigment to fade away over a period of time. 

After the Treatment  

You will receive a free treatment pack containing everything you need to look after your new brows during the healing period and also what to expect during the stages of healing.